Nature Art for Children to Celebrate the Outdoors

April is Children & Nature Awareness Month, which means it's the perfect time to encourage your child to connect with the natural world. One way to do this is through nature art. Creating art inspired by the outdoors is not only a fun and creative activity for children, but it also allows them to appreciate the beauty of nature in a new way.

Here are some nature art ideas for children to celebrate the outdoors this Children & Nature Awareness Month:

Leaf prints - Collect a variety of leaves from outside and bring them inside. Place the leaves under a piece of paper and use crayons or paint to create a leaf print. This is a simple and fun way to make beautiful nature-inspired art.

Rock painting - Collect some smooth rocks and paint them with nature-inspired designs or patterns. You could also create a rock garden outside and place the painted rocks in it for a beautiful display.

Nature collage - Collect a variety of natural materials such as leaves, flowers, and sticks. Use these materials to create a nature-inspired collage. This is a great way to use different textures and colours to make a unique piece of art.

Nature sculpture - Use natural materials such as sticks, rocks, and leaves to create a nature sculpture. This is a fun way to use your imagination and create something three-dimensional.

Sun catchers - Using translucent paper, glue different natural materials such as leaves, petals and grass, to the paper to make a sun catcher. When the sun shines through the window, it creates a beautiful display of colour and light.

Nature mandalas - Create a mandala using natural materials such as petals, leaves, and stones. A mandala is a circular pattern with repeating shapes, and creating one with natural materials is a great way to appreciate the symmetry and beauty of nature.

Nature art is a great way for children to celebrate the outdoors during Children & Nature Awareness Month. Encouraging your child to use their creativity and imagination to make art with natural materials can help them develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world. So, head outside and collect some materials to get started on your nature art project today!


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