We are one of the leading UK manufacturers of baby goods, trusted by millions of British parents and other leading brands across the globe.

Our Process

Each season, our Design & Development team research trending colours, patterns and styles from numerous sources to create inspiration for exciting new products under the Clair de Lune brand. Working closely with our suppliers, we bring our designs to life, tweaking and improving the design at every stage. The result of this perfected process is our range of beautiful new bedding and nursery sets that are practical and stylish, whilst also bringing the highest safety standards and quality to the market. We take great pride in ensuring that our bedding ranges are sourced and designed with comfort, quality and safety for your baby at the very forefront of our minds.


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A little bit about us...

Educare University

Our History

A family business spanning four generations, over 75 years of experience and expertise, and products stitched with love!

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Educare University

Inside Our Factory

Our team of local seamstresses and machinists hand-make and hand-dress the majority of our products in-house at our Manchester based factory.

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Educare University

Core Purpose & Values

We aim to produce high-quality, long lasting baby bedding and accessories for you and your little ones for many years to come.

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Educare University


We’re developing long-term strategies to build a sustainable future and a better world for our next generations to inherit.

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🧵 It's been a wonderful 78 year journey! 

🏭 Inside Our Factory

We've been designing and making our products right here in our Manchester based factory since 1943.

From start to finish, our machinists cut, sew and hand-finish most of our products in our factory, giving each and every product a final seal of approval before being sent off to a new home.

We pride ourselves on our heritage, using a mix of old and new techniques to create classic and timeless products, with a stylish finish and modern twist.

We have almost 1,000 years of manufacturing experience within our team.

Our factory distributes thousands of products to both B2B and B2C customers every week.

Approximately 10 containers are shipped every week from our factory.

Our Core Purpose  

Preserving traditional practices and developing a sustainable future for next generations.

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To our customers

Our promise is to deliver high quality, hand finished baby products to suit every style. Your little one's safety and comfort is our top priority, which means that you can be sure that each and every one of our products has been checked and given our seal of approval before it lands at your door. We believe that every baby is a little miracle.

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To our community

Family values are deeply carved into how we do things here are Clair de Lune. We understand that our role in the community that we live in is important, and that's why we always try to employ a local skilled workforce to join the Clair de Lune team. We also donate baskets, blankets and sheets to the Wood Street Mission and other Manchester based hospitals to help support new families and parents that are struggling to start their new lives with their little ones.

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To our planet

In recent years, we have focused on adapting our business to become much more modern, with sustainability and longevity at our core. We have worked hard across all departments to ensure that we are doing everything we can to cut down on our wastage and reduce our carbon footprint. Everything down to our scrap fabric is now recycled and reused - we donate our scrap fabrics to local schools, and any baskets that cannot be used are sent to animal charities. Click below to read more about how we moving towards being a sustainable UK manufacturer.

Our Values

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John, his wife Polly, sons Guy and Hadley along with the support and hard work of the ever-growing team, are well and truly set to keep the family business growing by adapting to the ever-changing demands of modern parents.

At Clair de Lune, from the minute you place your order to the moment you receive your delivery, we'll do our very best to ensure that buying your little one's very first products is truly a magical experience from start to end.

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Our team of British designers and factory operatives work hand in hand with the marketing and sales team, and as a whole we share and embrace the Clair de Lune culture as our own.

• Creating a collaborative environment for everyone
• Nurturing transformational leadership for every employee
• Always bringing the best to our customers
• Centralising equality in our culture

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We appreciate all the little things here at Clair de Lune. That's why we apply our 3 R's (Reuse - Recycle - Renew) to everything we do. Whether its a scrap of fabric or a spare palm basket, we always make sure that nothing goes to waste.

We believe that by implementing these changes in our every day lives, we will contribute towards a better future for the next generations, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our guideline.

🌱UK Sustainable Manufacturer

We believe that to be a sustainable manufacturer, it is not only about our carbon footprint reduction but also about community empowerment. 

Using the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals as our sustainability strategies' guideline, we have been achieving some outstanding results of which we are proud to claim a UK sustainable manufacturer in 2022. 

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Trusted by...

Make it British (MiB)

We joined Make it British to promote greener and more sustainable practices and support local economies.

The British Standards Institution 

We are a member of BSI to ensure our products to meet BSI's technical standards.

Ethical Trading Initiative

We are compliant to the ETI Base Code to protect our employees' rights across our operation & supply chain. 

Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit

We are compliant to Smeta Ethical Audit to demonstrate our commitment to the principles of ethical and social responsibility.

UK Fashion & Textile Association

We have been a part of a recruitment drive to bring new sewing machinists into the industry in the UK