Decorating Easter Eggs: Creative and Colourful Ideas for Egg Decorating

Easter is a time for fun and creativity, and what better way to express that than by decorating Easter eggs? Whether you're looking for ideas to do with your children or just want to try something new, there are plenty of creative and colourful ways to decorate Easter eggs. In this blog post, we'll share some of our favourite egg decorating ideas to help you get inspired.


Dyeing eggs is a classic and simple way to decorate them. All you need is some food colouring, vinegar, and hot water. Simply mix the food colouring and vinegar into the hot water and then let the eggs soak until they reach the desired colour. You can even experiment with different shades by mixing colours together.


For a sparkly effect, try adding glitter to your eggs. You can do this by using glue to create patterns on the eggshell and then sprinkling glitter over the top. You could also mix glitter into your egg dye for a subtle shimmer.


Decoupage is a technique where you apply paper or fabric to an object and then seal it with a varnish. To do this with eggs, you can cut out small pieces of tissue paper or printed napkins and then glue them onto the eggshell. Once you've covered the egg, you can then use a paintbrush to apply a layer of varnish to seal it.

Paint pens

If you're looking for an easy way to add designs to your eggs, try using paint pens. These pens come in a variety of colours and can be used to draw patterns and designs onto the eggshell. You can also use them to write messages or names on the eggs.


Stickers are another easy way to decorate Easter eggs. You can find stickers in a variety of designs, from animals to flowers to holiday-themed stickers. Simply peel off the backing and apply the sticker to the eggshell.

Wax resist

Wax resist is a technique where you use wax to create a design on the eggshell and then dye the egg. The wax will prevent the dye from penetrating the shell where it is applied, leaving a pattern on the egg. To do this, you can use a wax crayon or a melted wax candle to draw your design onto the eggshell.

Natural dyes

For a more natural approach, try using fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients to dye your eggs. You can use items such as beetroot, onion skins, or spinach to create natural dyes. Simply boil the ingredient with water and vinegar, strain out the solids, and then let the eggs soak in the liquid until they reach the desired colour.

In conclusion, there are plenty of creative and colourful ways to decorate Easter eggs. Whether you choose to dye them, add glitter, use decoupage, paint pens, stickers, wax resist, or natural dyes, the possibilities are endless. So get creative and have fun decorating your Easter eggs this year!

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