Sage Organic Palm Moses Basket with natural pine rocking stand in a neutral sage green nursery | Co-sleepers - Clair de Lune UK

Hello, fabulous parents-to-be and seasoned baby whisperers! As the buds bloom and the birds chirp, it's time to welcome the enchanting season of spring with open arms and, of course, the most adorable baby essentials in tow. And what better way to do it than by embracing the serene beauty of sage green, the hue that's taking the baby world by storm? So, grab your cuppa, settle in, and let us guide you through the must-have spring baby essentials.

  1. Organic Palm Moses Basket (Gold Winner of the Mum & Baby Award 2024):

    Organic Palm Moses Basket in Sage
    Nestle your little bundle of joy in the lap of luxury with this divine Organic Palm Moses Basket, crowned with the prestigious Mum & Baby Award! Crafted from organic materials and available in 5 soothing colours including the on-trend Sage Green, it's the epitome of comfort and style. Let your baby drift off into dreamland surrounded by nature's finest, embraced by the gentle sway of springtime serenity.


  2. Organic Sleeping Bag:

    Sage Green Organic Sleeping Bag (0-6 Months) on a wall-mount hanger in a Scandi Sage Green nursery | Baby Sleeping Bags | Baby Sleep Bags, Shawls, Swaddles & Sleepbags | Nightwear | Nursery - Clair de Lune UK

    Keep your precious one snug as a bug with an Organic Sleeping Bag designed to cocoon them in pure bliss. The Sage Green tone adds a fresh pop of colour while ensuring your baby stays cosy and content throughout the night. Say goodbye to fussy bedding and hello to uninterrupted slumber for both baby and parents! (Also available in cream and white)

  3. Organic Folding Crib

    For the modern parent on the move, an Organic Folding Crib is an absolute game-changer. Whether you're visiting family or embarking on a springtime adventure, this sleek crib ensures your little one has a safe and stylish haven wherever you roam. And with Sage Green details, it's a chic addition to any nursery or travel setup.

  4. 3D Mesh Moses Basket Mattress: 

    Baby sleeping on the 3D Mesh Palm Moses Basket/Noah Pod® Mattress - 74 x 28 cm | Moses Basket Mattresses | Newborn Bedding - Clair de Lune UK

    Elevate your baby's comfort to cloud nine with a 3D Mesh Moses Basket Mattress. Engineered for optimal airflow and support, it's the perfectaccessory for the changing seasons, on cooler nights flip it over to retain more heat, ensuring your little one enjoys restful sleep in the lap of luxury. 

  5. My Babiie Pushchair Parasol: 

    My Babiie Pushchair Parasol -

    Shield your precious cargo from the springtime sun in style with the My Babiie Pushchair Parasol. This chic accessory not only provides essential shade but also elevates your stroller game with its sleek design. Say hello to sunny strolls and Instagram-worthy outings with your little one!

As you embark on this enchanting journey into parenthood or continue to nurture your growing family, remember that embracing the beauty of spring is about more than just flowers and sunshine—it's about cherishing every precious moment with your little one and surrounding them with love, comfort, and style. With these sage green and springtime-inspired baby essentials, you'll be ready to welcome spring with open arms and a heart full of joy!

Wishing you all a springtime filled with endless cuddles, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

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