Creating an Autumnal Nursery Aesthetic

As the crisp air and colourful leaves of Autumn arrive, it's the perfect time to transform your nursery into a cosy and inviting space that reflects the beauty of the season. The enchanting hues of rust orange, burnt orange, mustards, and browns can be seamlessly incorporated into your baby's space, making it feel like a warm and welcoming haven. We're excited to guide you through the process of styling a fall-inspired nursery that combines comfort, style, and functionality.

1. Rust Orange Organic Palm Moses Basket:

 Organic Palm Moses Basket - Rust Orange - Burnt Orange

Begin your autumnal nursery journey with the captivating Rust Orange Organic Palm Moses Basket. This exquisite piece adds an instant pop of the season's signature hue, creating a focal point that exudes warmth. Its burnt orange tones perfectly capture the essence of fall and can be complemented with cosy blankets and cushions in similar shades to create a harmonious atmosphere.

2. Organic Natural Noah Pod:

Organic Noah Pod - Cream

For a more neutral yet equally inviting touch, the Organic Natural Noah Pod is an excellent choice. The natural tones and organic textures of this Moses basket add a serene quality to the room, allowing you to enhance the fall aesthetic with additional autumn-inspired decor elements.

3. Dark Furniture from Goodevas and Obaby:

Gatsby Toddler Bed

To complement the warm tones of your nursery's colour palette, consider incorporating dark wooden furniture from esteemed brand partners like Goodevas and Obaby. The 3-in-1 highchair from Goodevas and the 3-piece room sets from Obaby provide both style and functionality, allowing your nursery to evolve as your baby grows. The deep wood tones and dark finishes complement the autumnal palette and create a harmonious atmosphere.

4. Star Fleece Wrap Blanket:

Clair de Lune Star Fleece Wrap Blanket

As the temperature drops, ensure your little one stays snug and warm with the Star Fleece Wrap Blanket. The soft, comforting fleece texture and adorable star design not only provide essential comfort but also enhance trips outside into the crisp autumn air.  You're little one will be travelling in style while staying cosy and warm.  Available in Cream and Oatmeal.

5. Reversible Cord Palm Moses Basket:

Reversible Cord Palm Moses Basket


To play with textures, consider the Reversible Cord Palm Moses Basket. This unique piece combines the softness of fleece and the tactile appeal of corduroy, adding a sensory dimension to the nursery. Its versatility allows you to switch between textures depending on the mood you want to create.

6. Savannah Palm Moses Basket:

Savannah Palm Moses Basket

Adding depth to your fall-themed nursery, the NEW Savannah Palm Moses Basket introduces prints in autumnal tones of mustards and browns. These subtle patterns evoke the feeling of being surrounded by falling leaves and nature's seasonal beauty, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere.

7. Dimple Pram Blanket in Cream:

Clair de Lune Dimple Baby Blanket

Complete the autumnal look with the Dimple Pram Blanket in Cream. Its delicate texture and neutral colour provide a cosy layer of comfort. Draped over a chair or crib, it adds a touch of softness that perfectly aligns with the fall aesthetic.

Incorporating these carefully selected pieces into your nursery will allow you to create a fall aesthetic that perfectly captures the essence of the season. The rich colours, textures, and materials will transform the room into a cosy haven for you and your baby to enjoy as the autumn months unfold.

As you embark on this nursery styling journey, remember that every element you choose contributes to the overall ambiance of the space. By combining the warmth of rust oranges, mustards, creams and browns with the organic and textured pieces from Clair de Lune, you'll craft a fall-inspired nursery that is as inviting as it is beautiful. Embrace the magic of autumn and create lasting memories in this cosy haven you've curated with love.

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