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Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate with your family, including your littlest ones. If you have a baby, there are many ways to include them in the Easter festivities. Here are some fun and simple ideas for celebrating Easter with babies:

Easter photoshoot - Dress your baby up in a cute Easter outfit and take some adorable photos. You can use props such as Easter eggs or bunnies to make the photos even more festive. This is a great way to capture memories of your baby's first Easter.

Easter basket - Create a simple Easter basket for your baby filled with age-appropriate toys and snacks. You could include a soft toy bunny or chick, some Easter-themed board books, and healthy snacks like fruit and yogurt drops.

Sensory play - Create a sensory basket for your baby filled with different textures and colours. You could include items such as plastic Easter eggs filled with rice or beans, soft toy bunnies and chicks, and sensory balls. This is a great way to stimulate your baby's senses and keep them entertained.

Easter egg hunt - While your baby may be too young to participate in an Easter egg hunt, you can still create a fun and simple version for them. Hide plastic eggs filled with age-appropriate toys or snacks around the room or garden and let your baby discover them. This is a great way to encourage their exploration and curiosity.

Easter-themed snacks - Create some fun and healthy Easter-themed snacks for your baby. You could cut fruit into Easter shapes such as bunnies or chicks, or make some Easter-themed purees such as carrot and sweet potato.

Easter storytime - Read some Easter-themed board books to your baby to introduce them to the Easter story. You could also sing some Easter-themed songs such as "Little Bunny Foo Foo" or "Little Peter Rabbit has a fly upon his nose".

There are many fun and simple ways to celebrate Easter with your baby. From Easter photoshoots to sensory play, including your little one in the festivities can create special memories for you and your family. So, get creative and enjoy this special time with your baby!

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