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'Tis the season for joy, wonder, and the timeless tradition of writing letters to Santa! As parents, we relish the magic of Christmas, and what better way to embrace it than by crafting heartfelt letters to Santa with our little ones? At Clair de Lune, we're passionate about fostering these cherished moments, from parents writing on behalf of their babies to toddlers joyfully cutting and sticking pictures. Let's explore how these letters to Santa can become cherished family keepsakes and unforgettable holiday traditions.

1. Handprint Letters:

For babies, capturing their handprints on paper can be a beautiful way to create a keepsake letter to Santa. Use non-toxic paint to create handprints and decorate the paper with simple festive stickers or drawings.

2. Writing on Behalf of Baby:

For parents with newborns or infants, crafting a letter to Santa on behalf of their little ones can be a heartwarming gesture. Expressing hopes, dreams, and wishes for their baby's first Christmas creates a beautiful keepsake for the future. Whether it's wishing for giggles, cosy snuggles, or milestones to come, these letters encapsulate the love and joy of this magical time.

3. Toddler-Friendly Creativity:

Toddlers and young children, with their boundless creativity, can delight in the excitement of creating their own letters to Santa. Encourage them to cut and stick pictures from magazines and catalogues or draw their wishes. This hands-on activity not only sparks imagination but also helps in fine motor skill development. These charming letters, adorned with their unique creations, are treasures to be cherished.

Clair de Lune Christmas Finger Painting letters to santa

4. Finger Painting Fun:

Toddlers can use their fingers and washable, non-toxic paint to create colourful artwork on a letter to Santa. Let them explore with colours and shapes, fostering their creativity.

5. Sticker Stories:

Introduce toddlers to the concept of storytelling by creating a letter to Santa using stickers. They can choose stickers depicting their favorite toys or characters and place them on the paper, forming a visual story.

6. Scribble Letters:

Let babies and toddlers freely scribble with colourful crayons or washable markers on a piece of paper. Even their random scribbles can be a lovely addition to a letter to Santa, showcasing their artistic endeavors.

7. Interactive Letters:

Incorporate sensory elements into the letter by attaching textured materials like fabric or ribbons for babies to explore while creating their letter. For toddlers, include different textures or small trinkets they can touch and play with while writing.

Letters to Santa - Christmas Story Time

8. Storytelling Sessions:

Engage toddlers in storytelling about Santa, his reindeer, and the magic of Christmas. Then, encourage them to dictate or draw their own versions of the story, which can be sent as part of their letter to Santa.

9. Collaborative Family Letters:

Create a family letter to Santa where each family member contributes a message or drawing. Babies can have a handprint or footprint included while older siblings or parents add their thoughts.

10. Take Photos for Santa:

Snap pictures of babies or toddlers engaging in Christmas-themed activities, and print them out to attach to their letters. This visual representation of their joy during the season can be a lovely addition.

This Christmas, let's embrace the joy of letter-writing to Santa with our little ones. Whether it's through heartfelt words penned by parents, creative cut-and-stick adventures of toddlers, or engaging in interactive storytime and crafts, these moments create lasting memories.

As we gather around this festive season, let's celebrate the wonder and joy of the holidays, fostering love, creativity, and cherished family memories that twinkle brighter than any Christmas lights.

Wishing you all a season filled with love, warmth, and the enchantment of letters to Santa!


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