How to Celebrate the King's Coronation with your Family

The coronation of a king is a momentous, and for many a once in a lifetime, occasion, and it’s a great opportunity to teach your children about history, tradition, and the importance of ceremony. King Charles's coronation is no exception, it's all set to be a wonderful day full of pomp, pageantry and tradition. Here are some ideas to make the occasion a memorable one for you and your family:

Learn about the history of coronations - Before the big day, take some time to teach your children about the history of coronations. Discuss why they were important in the past, and how they have changed over time. You can also talk about the significance of the crown, sceptre, and other regalia, and what they represent.

Dress up as a king or queen for the coronation

Dress up for the occasion - One fun way to celebrate the coronation is to have your children dress up in royal attire. You can make crowns out of paper or cardboard, and they could drape fabric round their shoulders for a royal cape. For added fun, have your children act out a coronation ceremony, complete with a royal procession and the crowning of the king!

Make royal snacks - Another fun activity is to make royal-themed snacks. You could make mini sandwiches and cut them into crown shapes, or create a fruit platter in the shape of a crown. You could also make cakes and buns and decorate them with edible glitter or royal icing.

Watch the coronation together - On the day of the coronation, gather your family around the television or computer to watch the ceremony together. You can discuss what’s happening and point out the different parts of the ceremony that you’ve already learned about.

Celebrate the Coronation with an afternoon tea

Have a coronation party - After the ceremony, celebrate with a coronation party! You could have a royal banquet, complete with fancy dishes and decorations. Or enjoy an afternoon tea including the scrumptious cakes that you’ve made.  You could also play games like "pin the crown on the king" for the younger ones or "royal trivia” for the older ones.

Overall, the coronation of King Charles is a great opportunity to teach your children about history and tradition, while also having fun and celebrating together. With a little bit of creativity, you can make this occasion a memorable one for the whole family.  Enjoy your day!


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