The Benefits of Using a Moses Basket!

While it may not always feel like it, sleep is a huge part of a newborn’s routine!

In fact, for the first few months of their lives newborn babies spend more time asleep than they do awake (if only their parents could be so lucky). So, when welcoming a new arrival into your family, it’s only natural that you want their sleeping space to be as safe and cosy as possible.

Enter the Moses basket.

Offering a comfortable, reassuring place to rest their head, a Moses basket is a great option for both babies and parents. 

What is a Moses basket?

A Moses basket is a time honoured sleeping space for newborn babies, and may even date back thousands of years (the story goes that it gets its name from the baby Moses, who was left in a basket on the river Nile).

This comfortable and portable basket-style bassinet comes in a range of materials, from palm to wicker; with plenty of colours and fabrics to choose from. All of our Moses baskets also come complete with firm mattresses to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for your baby; and breathable fabrics for temperature regulation.

Moses baskets

Why choose a Moses basket?

When choosing a bed for your baby, there’s plenty to consider. A Moses basket offers a variety of benefits: from its smaller size to its reassuring comfort levels, it can be the perfect option for many parents and newborns. Here’s why:

  • Moses baskets are comfortable and reassuring for both parents...

  • For the first six months of their lives, your newborn should sleep on their own sleeping surface, in the same room as you. A Moses basket provides them with that comfortable, safe space in which to rest their head and get some shut eye: they’re designed with your baby’s first few months in mind, while their compact size means they are easy to fit into the bedroom. Their smaller size also makes them a great option for parents who feel that their new arrival can look a little lost in a larger cot or crib.

  • ...and baby!

  • From leaving the womb, it’s a whole new world for your newborn, complete with new noises, sights, smells and experiences. This can all be a little overwhelming. The smaller size and cosy shape of a Moses basket mimics the familiar feeling of the womb - which gives them a reassuringly cosy, comforting place to rest their eyes while they adjust. This feeling of safety and security should, in turn, help them to sleep better. A win for both parent and baby!

  • They look beautiful

  • Made from materials like wicker and palm leaf, Moses baskets are a stylish addition to your home, without compromising on comfort for your baby, which always comes first. Our range of Moses baskets are made with love in Great Britain, with a wide variety of colours and fabric styles to choose from - meaning there’s sure to be one to suit your style. They’re also a brilliant space saving option thanks to their compact size: if you’ve got a smaller bedroom, a Moses basket could be the perfect choice.

    As an added bonus, Moses baskets are so beautiful that once your baby has outgrown theirs, it can be used for a variety of other purposes. 

  • They’re portable and lightweight

  • With your newborn spending plenty of time asleep, you may wish to have them with you while you go about your day. Wherever you are, your Moses basket can come with you thanks to its lightweight and portable nature - so it’s a great option for day time naps as well as night time sleeping! The handles make them easy to carry around the house or while out and about, while remaining strong and secure thanks to their expert craftsmanship. 

    At night time, your Moses basket can be placed on a secure stand for a safe night’s sleep. This also helps with night time feeds, and bonding - your baby can be right next to you while you sleep, while remaining secure in their own cosy space.

  • There’s plenty of choice

  • When it comes to picking out a Moses basket for your baby, there’s plenty to choose from! Whether it's wicker or palm; colourful or neutral; partially covered or open, we’ve got a wide range of options to suit your family. Adjustable and removable hoods help to keep your little one shielded from bright lights during day time naps; while rocking stands are available for a soothing motion at night. Whatever your preference, there are lots of ways to tailor your Moses basket to you and your baby’s needs. 

    Moses baskets

    When it comes to choosing a bassinet, we want our babies to be comfortable and safe above all else. A Moses basket is a great option for newborns, and with so many to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. Take a look at our full range of Moses baskets, sheets and bedding on the Clair De Lune website.