Surviving Your First Night Away With a Baby

You may have mastered night time at home with your new addition, but packing for a night away with a newborn in tow is a whole different ball game!

We've teamed up with another one of our favourite Insta-mums, Scarlett (@scarletts_world_) and put together some of our best tips and tricks for surviving your first night away with your little one.

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Don't worry about over-packing

Scarlett's top tip was, "For mums nervous about sleeping away from home, take ALL of your home comforts. Even if it seems excessive - if it’s going to make you feel more comfortable, bring it!"

Children are creatures of habit, so anything that is familiar within their usual routine should help them to settle when you're away from home. If you're going in a car, even better as you can shove anything that you think you might need in the back and just grab it as and when you need it during your stay.

Three of four days before you leave, you could make a pile of things that you use in your daily night time routine (or pop them into an open suitcase) so that you know you won't forget any of the essentials on your trip. This way, you can add to it as you get your little one ready and into bed each night, and it won't be a last minute dash.

Pack smart

Our next top tip from Scarlett is to pack smart and double up.

"Bring things that double up uses - a feeding pillow can be used for feeds and for propping your baby up to give you some hands free time without bouncers etc. A Moses basket doubles up as a suitcase and a sleeping space for your little one."

Scarlett's tips
Being creative with how you use things will really come in handy on a trip away from home! A Moses basket can fit in all of your baby essentials perfectly so you don't have to bring an extra bag on the trip - the two carry handles make this extra-easy for transporting from A to B.
If you need to pack small, make sure you get everything neatly folded, you'll be surprised at how much extra space this gives you.

Let others help!

"Let others help you - feeds, nappies, baths etc - take advantage of all the extra hands around you!"

If you're away with a partner, let them help and share the load with them while you're away - it's a great opportunity to put your parenting skills to the test as you'll both be out of your comfort zone, but if you can survive this then any night back home should be a piece of cake.

If you're visiting friends and family, chances are they're desperate to have as much time with your baby as possible, so let them do as much as they can to help you and give you a time out. A 30 minute feed and cuddle gives you 30 minutes to just have some time and space to yourself - have a bath or shower and properly take your time to put yourself together, do your nails, go for a shop on your own, or anything you like! You could even take a few hours and have a date night with your partner.


Ultimately, a night away with a newborn doesn't have to be so scary! Preparation is key, try to remember all of the essentials, and don't panic. You know your routine better than anyone, and anything essential that you do forget like nappies, baby wipes etc, you can always nip out to the shops and top up if you need to.


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