Fun in the Sun - Keeping Your Baby Cool in a Heatwave

Whilst many of us look forward to a change in weather, babies are not so accustomed to heat, and it's important that you do your best to keep them protected from the elements when it gets hot outside. Here's some of our top tips on surviving the heat with your little one this year!

Keeping rooms cool

Your baby's bedroom should always be at about 16-20 degrees all year round, but with the heat soaring above this outside, it can be hard to cool it down sometimes.

Open window and close blinds

Keeping a flow of air throughout the day can really help with this - try to open your windows so that fresh air can flow throughout your home, and partially close blinds or curtains so that direct sunlight is kept out of the room, which should help to keep it cooler during the day.

Our Drape Sets are the perfect solution to shaded nap times - they offer a lightweight muslin or cotton bedding and shaded canopy for your little one that you can pop in any space around your home with ease. 

Drape set

If you have a fan but feel like you need some extra cool air, pop a frozen bottle of water or bowl of ice in front of it so that it blows cool air around the room - you'll be surprised at how much this helps.

Sleeping in the heat

Try to avoid waterproof bedding when it's really hot as this can sometimes keep the heat in and make your little one sweaty, and think about using a cool cotton blanket to cover them - our cellular blankets are perfect! Don't be afraid to let them sleep in just a nappy if it's super hot - if they don't like it then just use a thin blanket over them.

Another great way of cooling your little one for the night is to run them a cool bath just before you put them down. They will find this super refreshing, and it will stop them from feeling clammy for a while when you get them off to sleep.

Cellular Blanket

Feeding and hydrating your little one

If your little one is under 6 months, they may want feeding a little more than usual. They won't need water as milk is just as hydrating. If they wake in the night, they will most likely just need a big feed. 

Once they start on solids, you can start to give your little one sips of water when they eat, and in between mealtimes when it's really warm outside.

Out and about

It may be tempting, but it's important that you don't cover your pram with a blanket as it stops fresh, cool air from circulating in, and actually makes it even hotter. Instead, use an adjustable parasol so that you can move the shaded area depending on where the sun is, and try to stick to the shade as much as you can.

It's extremely important that you use SPF 50 to protect your little one once they are over 6 months old. Babies younger than 6 months should just be kept well shaded as their skin is too delicate to cope with the chemicals in suncream, and its more likely to cause them irritation and give them a rash. You should always make sure to use a sunhat with a long flap or wide brim so that your baby's head and neck is protected.

If you need any more advice, always get in touch with your healthcare advisor, or check the NHS website for more information. 






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