Rainy Day Activities

Children are creatures of habit, and the rain can sometimes throw your usual plans out of the window leaving you stuck at home with nothing much to do. We've put together some activities that you can do, rain or shine, in the confide of your four walls!

Build A Den

Get together all of your lightweight blankets, pillows and anything cosy that you could shove into your den, and allow your children to create a fortress! The different materials and textures will add a brand new dimension for your little one and will encourage them to think in new ways. You can make it even more exciting by preparing a picnic for them and putting on their favourite TV show or film.


It's important for kids to be creative and learn that it's ok to express themselves through doing so. Lay down a large wipeable mat/surface and let your baby just enjoy the feeling of the paint on their fingers. Why not add some sugar or rice for extra texture for them to experience!

Baby painting

Baby Yoga

The benefits of baby yoga are hard to overlook. The obvious one is that it helps with your baby's mobility and stimulates muscles, but it also helps you develop their socials skills, bond with your child and understand their non-verbal cues. There's also evidence that baby yoga helps improve baby's sleep as it increases oxygen levels in the bloodstream and regulates breathing. There's lots of videos on YouTube that you can watch and follow for free!

Baby yoga

Sensory Activities

Babies are constantly learning and taking in all the new experiences around them. Sensory activities will help develop this and you can have lots of fun setting them up. You can use old baby food jars to put in different scents for your baby to experience - mint, lemon, basil etc, and puncture a couple of holes into a lid for them to sniff through. You can also use different fairy lights and lamps in a dark room for them to look at, and shove some music on for an absolute sensory overload! 

Mini Photoshoot

What parent doesn't love an excuse to take photos of their little ones?! If you can't head outside, why not get your baby all dressed up, create a cute backdrop and take some photos indoors! You can use blankets and pillows, or even one of our adorable hooded towels after bath time to get some snaps that will make you smile for years to come. 

Baby blanket

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