Postpartum Styling Tips - How to look cute and feel comfy!

Finding clothes that actually work for your body postpartum can be extremely difficult. You've just grown and popped out a baby (if only it were that simple), and you probably won't fit into your old clothes like you used to, or at least not straight away.

Firstly, we would like to say to you that it's ok! Give yourself a break, you're allowed to feel comfortable and wear baggy clothes if that's what you want - your body is recovering from a huge life-changing event. But if you're ready to start styling yourself up a bit, here's some tips on how you can rock that postpartum body of yours!

Accept the change

First things first, you need you accept that your body will take a while to get back to how it used to look before you had any children, and it will most likely never look exactly that way again. Wear the signs of childbirth with pride and be comfortable in your new mum-body! Try not to squeeze yourself into your old clothes, as this will make you look and feel uncomfortable. Instead, buying new clothes that actually fit will make you feel so much more comfortable, and help you ooze in confidence!


Pregnancy pants like leggings and jeans were probably your best friend while you were growing your baby, and guess what? They're not going anywhere! They will probably feel so much more comfortable for you in the first few weeks or months than normal pants, so don't be afraid of wearing them way after your birth. There's a whole world of postpartum pants online too, made especially for hugging in that belly and all the lumps and bumps that come with it, so don't be afraid of investing in a good pair of jeans or leggings that you know you'll most likely get a lot of use from. 

baggy tops postpartum styling tips

Baggy tops

Lets be honest, everything you wear from now on must pass the 'easy access' test if you've managed to master breast feeding. You don't have to spend a fortune on new tops that are specifically made for this - just find something baggy that you can easily fit a baby under. Off shoulder tops usually do the job well. If you do opt for the specially designed nursing tops, the zips and poppers will be a life changer for you!


A button down shirt could be your new wardrobe staple! These can be buttoned up throughout the day for modesty, and then unbuttoned when duty calls. You can find lots of button down shirts and even dresses that are super stylish, yet practical for new mums.

scarves postpartum styling tips



If you want to continue wearing your normal style of tops but they aren't very nursing-friendly, you can always throw on a lightweight scarf with your outfit so that you can maintain some modesty while you breastfeed. This is a great way of adding some new textures and colours to your outfit, and can be very flattering on your figure too! They also help to hide any spillages or leaks throughout the day too. 


Comfort and practicality is key when it comes to your new bras. You'll almost definitely want to ditch the underwire, and opt for a comfortable nursing bra that fits you well. We recommend investing in a few good quality ones that you can switch between throughout the week as you're most likely going to be burning through them if you're breast-feeding - you can thank us later.

Dress dark

Not only are dark colours super flattering, but that are super easy to wipe down in case of any little accidents, and trust us, you'll have plenty of these!


So there you have it, you don't have to completely revolutionise your wardrobe when you have a baby, but these simple little tips and tricks should help you look and feel fabulous every single day!


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