How to Attach the Hood to a Moses Basket

We've all been there, you're due in a few weeks and in the midst of getting all of your baby's things organised you've taken the Moses basket apart for washing and you're staring at a pile of nuts, arms and material wondering how you'll ever get it back together again.

If you're not at that point yet, don't panic! All you have to do to wash or replace the hood is remove the locking nuts on the bottom of the hood arms.

Your bare Moses basket (whether it's one of our wicker or palm Moses baskets) will look something similar to this: 

Hood Fitting

If you have a Clair de Lune Moses Basket that you have very carefully dismantled just follow this step-by-step guide to getting it all back together without getting yourself into a tizzy!

1. Slide the hood cover back over the wires

You'll notice that you have two different sizes of wire, the long wire goes in the front and the shorter one goes in the back of the hood.

2. Organise your screws and wing nuts

Organise your wing nuts and screws so they're handy on each side of the basket. You'll notice a small hole on either side of the basket just behind the handles. Line up your hood as per the image above and attach the screws and wing nuts.

3. Adjusting the hood

To get the hood to stay up just tighten up the wing nuts until they're tight enough that you have to physically manipulate the hood up and down.

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Moses Basket customer photos

If you're having problems putting your Moses basket together, our customer services team are just a quick phone call away and can talk you through how to put it together while you're on the line.

 Give us a call on 0161 491 9800 and they'll be happy to help.