How To Help Your Baby Sleep Through Noise

Helping your baby to sleep is a priority for many new parents - and helping them to sleep through noise can be a key concern!

As a newborn, your baby will likely spend a lot of time in deep sleep and as a result, may find it easier to sleep through loud noises. As they grow, however, this can change; and external sounds will probably begin to make more of an impact, becoming more likely to wake them from their slumber. 

When it comes to helping your little one sleep through noise, there are differing opinions - with some advocating for a quiet environment, and others insisting your baby can be trained to ignore noise. 

It’s important to remember that every baby is different and it's not one-size-fits-all: some may be able to sleep through almost anything, while others might wake up at the smallest of sounds. Whatever the case, here are a few of our top tips to help your baby sleep through noise.

Sleeping Baby

Use White Noise

While there are some sounds you can minimise as your baby is asleep, others can’t be removed - like the traffic outside, for example. 

That’s where white noise can come in handy. White noise is essentially background noise which masks other sounds, and can be a great tool to help your baby sleep soundly at night. Playing some white noise both while they fall asleep, and throughout the night, can help to create a comforting and quiet sleeping environment which in turn may help them to sleep better!

Dedicated white noise machines for babies are available, as are white noise apps and playlists; alternatively, a radio turned to static should do the trick. 

Make Sure It’s Not Too Noisy…

If your baby is asleep, give them the same respect you’d expect if you were sleeping. That means no loud noises or conversations nearby! While it’s advisable to make less effort during daytime naps, as you help your newborn to understand the difference between night and day, when it comes to bed time, keep things quiet and calm. 

...But Not Too Quiet!

While keeping things quiet, familiar household noises aren’t going anywhere - so give your baby some time to get used to them. The hum of the TV downstairs, for example, should be something they can adjust to.

Stick To A Routine

While sticking to your baby’s sleep schedule and bedtime routine may not directly help them to sleep through noise, it will likely help them to get to sleep - and stay there! Consistency, as always, is key: run through the same steps before bedtime, and stick to the same timings, to help your little one understand it’s time to nod off. For a little inspiration, take a look at our tips on creating a bedtime routine for your baby.


It is also important not to neglect nap time: foregoing daytime naps in the hope of a sleepier baby come bedtime will likely backfire, and you could end up with a bubba who is overtired and less likely to drift off.

Safe, Secure & Cosy

Making your baby’s sleeping area as cosy and comforting as possible is a great way to help them sleep soundly. For the first six months of their life, they should sleep on their own sleep surface in your room; a Moses basket is a great option, helping them to feel cocooned and secure.

Lullaby Hearts Basket

Noise Management

We often think of ways to soundproof our own bedrooms, and these measures can be equally as important in your baby’s room too! Think thick, sound-blocking curtains; draft excluders; and closed doors to help create a quiet environment for your baby to sleep in.

Simply put, anything you’d do to help your own bedroom be more quiet could work for your baby too.

Trust Yourself

This one may not help your baby to sleep through noise, but it could help you to cope as a parent! There will always be outside opinions on how to raise your baby, and this is no different when it comes to helping them sleep through noises.


Some will insist that your baby needs a noisy environment and no special allowances should be made; others may say you need to keep things as quiet as humanly possible. Ultimately, you know your baby best. Stick to a consistent routine, maintain healthy sleep habits, and trust in yourself: you’re doing an amazing job. 


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