It’s Time For Some #SelfCare

Becoming a new parent isn't without it's challenges, but putting some time aside each day for yourself can go a long way in helping you stay on track with your own mental health and wellbeing and adjusting to your new lifestyle.

Aside from the usual advice of eating well and staying hydrated, there’s lots of other things you should consider when you become a new mum or dad.


Routine - Try to stick to a solid routine every day. Get up at the same time in the morning and get yourself put together as soon as possible so that you're ready for the day ahead no matter what it throws at you. 

Look Good, Feel Better – Don’t let go of your care routine just because you have a little one to take care of. Try to maintain your morning beauty/skincare routine as much as possible, even if it’s a slightly simplified version to save time - when you look good on the outside you’ll feel even better on the inside and your day is sure to run a little more smoothly. 

Me Time – It’s easy to get into the mind set of putting your little one’s needs well in front of your own, but when you get the chance, it’s important to spend five minutes doing something for yourself each day too! Whether it’s for taking a bath, painting your nails, reading a book or curling up with a hot chocolate in front of the TV, there’s always time for a bit of self-love.

Sleep – The constant getting up during the night can take its toll on your body and leave you feeling exhausted during the day. Try to rest up as much as possible whenever you get a chance. Don’t feel the need to rush about getting chores done when your baby is napping, get your head down and catch up on some zzz’s too.

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Share The Load - Don't keep your troubles bottled up inside. It's ok not to be ok. Nobody is an expert when it comes to being a new parent. If you're feeling overwhelmed, say no/cancel plans so you can catch up with things if you need to, your family and friends will understand. More importantly, share your feelings with someone close, preferably someone that has kids too - you might even get some useful tips out of them on how to cope better!


If you still feel overwhelmed, there's lots of help available out there. Here's some useful links:

NHS Advice -


Association for Post Natal Illnesses

Family Lives -

Baby Centre



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