Choosing a Name for Your Baby

Some people have baby names decided years before they give birth, others wait until they see their baby before deciding what to name them. You may know exactly what to call your child, while your friends, family or even your partner may completely disagree.

Whilst it may not seem it, choosing the right name for your baby can be a very important decision, after all, they will be carrying it for the rest of their life. Here's some things you should remember while picking the perfect name for your little one.


If you're struggling to narrow down what kind of baby name you'd like to pick, it might be a good place to start by categorising what names are important to you. Do you want them to have a family name from a grandparent or godfather? Do you want it to reference something you and your partner love - like the name of your favourite singer or a character from one of your favourite films? Would you like it to be traditional or something much more unique?

Once you've chosen between you which one of those categories means more to you, it should help to start narrowing down on a name.

Write out their initials

Remember to write down your baby's full name to make sure that their initials don't spell out anything rude or strange. For example, Amber Sarah Samuels or Douglas Otis Graham.


If shortening names is something that you think is likely within your circle of friends and family, make sure you consider whether their potential nicknames will sit well with you, or with their last name.


Don't forget about your child's siblings. You will have to write out or say their names in the same sentence or breath sometimes, so make sure that their names are all a good fit together. 

Disagreeing with your partner

Try not to get bogged down with constant disagreements with your partner. If you really are coming to a head about what to name your child, start with a list of good names that you individually would like. If Olivia is on one list, but you aren't both 100% set on it, try similar alternatives instead - Olive instead, or Oliver for a boy maybe? Try to explore close alternatives that you might be able to both agree on. 

Sometimes, if two people really cannot agree on names, they might agree to take it in turns to choose the baby's names. One parent will choose for the first child, and the other will choose the second baby's name.


Remember, this is something that can be a really special thing between you and your partner, so don't let it get you down, or stress you out! Trust yourself and your instincts and go with it if it feels right. 


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