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Clair de Lune, a name synonymous with nursery elegance and timeless comfort, marks a remarkable milestone this year - 80 years of weaving dreams into reality for little ones and their families. To commemorate this extraordinary journey, we unveil our crowning jewels - the 80th Anniversary Windsor Moses Basket and Chelsea Moses Basket, a tribute to our inception and evolution.

80th Anniversary Windsor Palm Moses Basket Bundle with a vintage drape set | Moses Baskets and Stands | Co-sleepers | Nursery Furniture - Clair de Lune UK

 The Windsor Moses Basket, a testament to heritage and contemporary allure, is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity. Adorned with a satin-inspired ivory sheen and a full-length skirt, it stands as a living embodiment of our rich history. Crafted with opulence in mind, it boasts extra-thick padding ensuring unparalleled comfort for your newborn. Its natural ivory palette effortlessly complements any space, making it an ideal choice for those embracing neutral aesthetics.

Andrea, our Head of Production, encapsulates the essence of the Windsor Moses Basket: "We wanted to create a basket that embodies the spirit of 2023 while paying homage to our roots in nursery textiles."

The tale of Clair de Lune began in 1943 with Harry Rodgers, a visionary who sought to build a legacy for his son, Dawson, post World War II. Dawson, driven by the family legacy, laid the foundation for what would become a household name. Fast forward to 2023, and the reins of Clair de Lune are in the capable hands of JR and Polly, carrying forward the family tradition, supported by their sons Guy and Hadley, as integral pillars of the business.

Clair de Lune Family

In an intimate conversation with JR and Polly Rodgers:

Q: How did Dawson Rodgers and Clair de Lune come to be?

JR: "It all started with my grandfather, Harry, laying the groundwork in 1943. He envisioned a business he could pass down to my father, Thomas, who was returning from wartime service. Textiles were in our family's blood, and he wanted to create a lasting legacy."

Q: How crucial has the family element been in building Clair de Lune?

Polly: "Family is the heartbeat of our enterprise. Every generation has dedicated itself to the success of Clair de Lune. But it's not just our kin; it's our extended family - our team, whose dedication spans generations, echoing our commitment to nurturing families."

Q: Why Moses Baskets?

JR: "Our journey with Moses Baskets began over 40 years ago on a fateful holiday in France. That discovery led me to Morocco, where I met our suppliers for the iconic Palm Moses Baskets. It was a turning point that shaped our legacy."

Q: What's been your proudest Clair de Lune moment?

JR: "Sourcing the Moses Baskets stands out for me. Also, Polly joining us brought tremendous value; her expertise opened new doors. And winning the Mother & Baby Awards in 2020 was a crowning achievement for the team."

Polly: "One of the most memorable moments for me was when I took the initiative to bring our products to Scotland, driving with samples to make a difference."

Q: What are you most excited about regarding the new products?

JR: "The Organic Range has received overwhelming love, and I'm eager to see its expansion with new colors and designs."

Q: What are your dreams for the Clair de Lune brand?

JR: "I dream of continuity, for the brand to evolve with our team taking it to greater heights."

Polly: "As we celebrate 80 years, I envision the future generations continuing this legacy and celebrating the next 80 years."

Clair de Lune's journey has been an odyssey of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to families. As we commemorate 80 glorious years, the celebration is not just about a milestone; it's a testament to the enduring legacy of family, tradition, and innovation. Here's to 80 years of Clair de Lune - and to the generations yet to embrace our warmth and comfort.


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