Clair de Lune Winter Baby Names

It's a beautiful time of year, and a wonderful time to be pregnant! 

We're right in the heart of winter, and it's a season full of magic with Christmas just passing; and love - Valentine's day is just around the corner!  If you're welcoming your baby in this season of joy, and you haven't agreed on a name just yet, then look to the season for inspiration!

We've whittled down a list of our favourite wintry names, with some stalwart traditional options and a whole host of unique, modern names that you might not have even considered.

Are you ready? We'll go in alphabetical order:

1. Aspen

This unisex name comes from a graceful poplar tree, with beautiful heart-shaped leaves.  It's also the name of a very popular ski resort in Colorado (if you didn't know already!).

2. Aubin

A stunning French boy's name, meaning "white, blonde".  If you'd like to know, it's derived from the Latin "Albus" like the greatest Hogwarts headmaster in Harry Potter.  Also, another good option for a boy's winter name.

3. Bianca

A lovely Italian girls name, it means "white" and is associated with snow and wintry scenes.

4. Carol

A traditional girls name, it's the perfect celebratory name for a Christmas baby. Evocative of Christmas carols, it actually means "free man".

5. Christian

Another good choice for a baby boy born around Christmas time, derived from Greek it means "follower of Christ."

6. Colden

It says it in the name, immediately evoking "cold" wintry feelings.  It comes from Old English and means "dark valley".

7. Douglas

The Douglas is one of the most popular types of Christmas tree, it's also linked to a powerful Scottish clan renowned for their strength and courage.

8. Eira

Eira, pronounced (AY-ra) similar to the popular name Arya from Game of Thrones, it's a perfect name to stay on-trend but updated to the Welsh name for "snow".

9. Ember

This adorable unisex name evokes warm, glowing fireplaces and cosying up.

Ember Unisex Baby Names

10. Gabriel/Gabrielle

The name of the archangel who heralded the news of Jesus' birth, Gabriel (or Gabrielle) is a fab name for Christmas babies.

11. Garnet

The beautiful red January birthstone; a Garnet is full of warmth and we feel it makes a beautiful unisex winter name.

12. Gwendolen

We love this pretty Welsh name; meaning "white, fair, blessed”, it can be shortened to Gwen if you prefer something a little snappier.

13. Holly

This pretty girl's name is taken from the wintry red berries of the same name. Deck the halls!

14. Iclyn

Now, doesn't that make you think of icicles and snowflakes?  It has a wonderful meaning: "compassionate, idealistic".

15. Ivy

Another traditional girl's name that is seeing a resurgence.  It's take from the deep green winter plant meaning "faithfulness".

16. Jack

Like Jack Frost, the Old Man Winter and the personification of frost, ice and snow himself.  It's also a dependable, yet traditional boys name.


Clair de Lune January Baby Names

17. January

Why not take the month your baby is born for their name?  After Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions, January is becoming a VERY popular girl’s name.

18. Jasper

Meaning “bringer of treasure”, this beautiful persian boy’s name has long been associated with the Three Wise Men.

19. Lumi

A great gender-neutral name of Old Norse origin, meaning "snow" or "light-bringer", a fitting name for the little one who's sure to bring lots of light to your life.

20. Merry

This Welsh baby name can be used for either gender - and it DEFINITELY makes us think of Christmas. The meaning, however, is rather serious, how does ‘Guardian of the Sea’ suit you?

21. Neve

This pretty girl's name means "snow", "bright" and "radiant" and is of Latin and Irish origins.

22. Nicholas

The Greek name Nicholas, meaning "people's victory", has been associated with Old St Nick himself for hundreds of years.

23. Noël/Noëlle

This sweet moniker for boys and girls respectively means "Christmas" in French.

24. Robin

The German name Robin means ‘famed, bright, and shining’ - but we always think of the pretty red-breasted bird that visits our garden in the Winter.

25. Rory

Perfect for a winter baby boy, the Irish name literally means "red king".  A very powerful choice!

26. Seren

A name meaning ‘star’, which is associated with the nativity story when they follow the star, this Welsh moniker is gorgeous.

27. Snow

Did you know that this is ofiicially a girls name?  Well, now you do!

28. Violet

The birthstone for February is an amethyst which is a beautiful deep violet colour.  A gorgeous girl's name.

29. Winnie

Not just like the loveable bear, it could be a sweet shortened version of "Winter" meaning "holy peacemaking, gentle friend".

30. Winter

Fresh, brisk and cool, Winter is now a fully-fledged name for both baby boys AND girls. They could be the collest kid in the playgroup.


We hope that we insipired your choice of baby name for your new Winter arrival.  Let us know which one is your favourite on Facebook or Instagram.




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