Egg Hunt

Easter is a brilliant time for crafts that the whole family can participate in.  Since it's the first opportunity to decorate for spring, why shouldn't we go all out?

Don't wait for the eggs and bunnies to come out to have lots of fun!

Paint Egg
Paint an egg to create an Easter keepsake Let your newborn or young baby get messy with finger paints, or simply print their fingerprints on the eggs in a polka dot pattern.  For toddlers and older children, they may like to get a little more creative with a paintbrush.  This is definitely one for the whole family!  If you can't part with your precious produce, cut egg shapes out of paper or card!
Spring Lamb
Create a Baby Chick or Spring Lamb  Not as messy as you may think...  gather up a paper plate or cut out a round piece of card and for the lamb let your little one explore cotton wool balls and stick them down with PVA glue.  You can help them add the face embellishments!
Sleeping Bunnies
Sing Sleeping Bunnies  A great high activity sing-song for toddlers while mum and dad can just sing the song if they like with their feet up!  Find the lyrics & song here if you're not familiar with it!  Hop, Hop, Hop to it!
Egg Exploration
Egg Exploration  Fill plastic eggs with all sorts of treasures for your little ones to find around the house or garden.  For babies and newborns, fill them with rice to make shakers, just make sure that you tape them shut if you do this!
Egg Hunt
Egg Hunt  Think about planning a little Easter Egg hunt on Sunday, you could use some of the crafts you've made to decorate!  Finish with an old fashioned egg and spoon race for older toddlers.
Happy Easter

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