When to Introduce a Duvet and Bedding

Keeping your baby warm and cosy at night is important for any new parent, but knowing when to introduce a proper duvet and bedding can be more important than you may think!

Although it may be tempting to cover your baby up with a duvet or bedding at night to keep them warm, it's actually not recommended to do so until they are at least a year old. This is because they haven't got full control of their movements yet, and a thick duvet or bedding can cause accidental suffocation.

What bedding do I use for a newborn?

Newborns don't gain full control of their movements for a few months or a year, and so it's important that you use a breathable blanket such as a cellular blanket or anything else made from cotton. The cell like structure in these blankets allows air to flow through, whilst simultaneously keeping your baby warm at night, or regulating their temperature if it's warm. If it's extra cold at night, it can be tempting to use something thicker, but it's important that you don't do so, and instead layer them up in a sleeping bag, an extra blanket or anything else that is specifically made for newborns.

For more information about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), read our blog here.

When to introduce bedding

Once your baby is about 18 months old, they should have more control over there mobility, and so it should be ok to introduce a pillow and thicker blanket or duvet. Whilst it's tempting to do so earlier, it's not at all necessary, and is much safer to wait until 18 months to reduce the risk of suffocation or SIDS. 

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