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What can you and your baby do all day if coronavirus means you've got to stay home? Here’s how to make the most of your time…

There’s no getting around it. Lockdown with your baby might feel like a difficult prospect, especially if you usually have a busy schedule of activities. But it doesn’t have to be a prison sentence. You might find some unexpected upsides to enforced home time.

The best solution is often to just keep them busy with some fun activities. We've put together a list of our tried and tested favourites, and you'll already have everything you need at home.

Dance Party
1. Let your little one help with the washing.  Explain how to sort the colours from the whites, and then stuff them in the washing machine together.
2. Turn the living room into a cinema!  Put dolls and teddies on a row of chairs.  Take money for tickets and have an interval with a chance to buy snacks! 

3. Create with Playdough.  Give your toddler shaped biscuit cutters & a rolling pin and explain how to cut out 'biscuits'.

4. Dance Party!  Put on some music (Baby Shark, Okey Cokey, Hey Tiger!) and have a boogie together

5. Magic Painting.  Less messy than normal painting, draw with a white crayon on some paper.  Make up some watery paint and they can paint away to reveal the designs. Let's face it, toddlers love to get messy though!
Magic Painting
6. Play Follow the Leader.  Your toddler has to copy everything that you do.  Jump up and down, pat your tummy, put your slippers on your head... the sillier the better

7. Make a collage. Hear us out!  Toddlers love sticking this so why not let them make a collage out of anything you've got lying around?  Sweet wrappers, cotton wool, scrap material.  Why not try making a photo album or memory book, when you get to see friends and family you can share some special moments with them.

8. Play hunt the teddy.  Take it in turns to hide the teddy around the house, simple!

9. Make a Den.  Pile up some cushions, drape some sheets or if you have a box large enough, cut some windows out and let them decorate it too!

10. Create an obstacle course in the living room.  Use cushions, chairs, seat covers, blankets and anything else you can find in the house.
Make a Den



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