Create a Safari-Themed Nursery with Clair de Lune's Must-Have Essentials

Designing a nursery is a joyful journey for every parent-to-be. One of the hottest trends in nursery decor is the Safari theme, which combines playful animal motifs, earthy tones, and natural textures to create a warm and inviting space for your little one. We'll guide you through creating a captivating safari-themed nursery using Clair de Lune's exquisite collection of baby essentials... so let's get started on this unforgettable journey!

Savannah Palm Moses Basket: Start your Safari-themed nursery with the stunning Savannah Palm Moses basket. Its natural and rustic appearance perfectly complements the Safari theme.  Hand-dressed in Great Britain, this basket showcases playful safari animals on the Savannah and the handwoven palm leaves evoke a sense of adventure and exploration.

Safari Sleeping Bag & Nursing Pillow: Ensure your baby sleeps soundly in the Safari Sleeping Bag, suitable for 0-6 months it keeps your little one snug while staying true to the Safari theme. For feeding and bonding moments, the Nursing Pillow provides ergonomic support and style, featuring a neutral safari lion print to tie the room together.

Organic Folding Crib: Clair de Lune's Organic Folding Crib is a versatile addition to your Safari-themed nursery. Its minimalist design and organic materials in a beautiful soft cream and natural palette create a harmonious ambiance. The folding feature allows for easy storage, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Little Knightley's by Samantha Faiers Zambezi Cot Bed/Single Bed Duvet Cover Set: Transform your baby's cot bed into a Safari paradise with the Zambezi Bedding Set from Little Knightley's by Samantha Faiers. Featuring all the Safari animal favourites in a soft silver grey on white with a ditsy animal print reverse. The high-quality fabric ensures comfort and durability.

Olive Anti-Roll Wedge Changing Mat: Make changing time a breeze with the Olive Anti-Roll wedge changing mat. Designed to keep your baby safe and comfortable during nappy changes, this changing mat features a charming olive green colour that aligns beautifully with the Safari colour palette.

Little Knightley's by Samantha Faiers 3 Piece Muslin Wraps: Add a touch of Safari charm with the Little Knightley's by Samantha Faiers 3 Piece Muslin Wraps. These versatile wraps can be used as swaddle blankets, nursing covers and more. The 75 x 75 cm size is perfect for a variety of purposes, and the elephant patterns and animal ditsy prints maintain the Safari theme throughout the nursery.

From the Savannah Palm Moses basket to the Little Knightley's by Samantha Faiers 3 Piece Muslin Wraps, each product contributes to the Safari theme's charm. With natural textures, animal motifs, and earthy tones, your nursery will be a haven of exploration and wonder that both you and your baby will cherish.


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