a baby in her crib

Tuck your little one up safe and sound for a night of sweet dreams with a Clair de Lune Sleeping Bag.

Available in a range of beautiful designs to complement any nursery range, our Sleeping Bags are lovingly made from 100% cotton.  They comply to the highest British safety standards, allowing your baby to freely move around without the worry of them kicking off their covers in the night.

Benefits of Clair de Lune Sleeping Bag

It’s important to keep babies at the perfect temperature all night long, which means no more kicking off blankets!

Many parents feel that sleeping bags help their babies to sleep better, they're recommended by the Lullaby Trust as they help prevent SIDs and we have a beautiful selection in size 0-6 months.

Rachel Riley Bunny Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag Safety - What do you need to know?

A sleeping bag that fits your baby correctly is one of the safest types of bedding for your baby.  Sleeping bags can also help with your baby’s night time routine, helping bring a sense of calm and familiarity – even when they’re not sleeping at home.

Depending on the tog of your sleeping bag and the temperature of the room your baby is sleeping in, you should dress your little one accordingly.  Just remember that all babies are different, and you soon become familiar with what they're most comfortable sleeping in.

Why should i choose a Sleeping Bag instead of a Blanket?

They keep your baby at a comfortable temperature while they sleep, and when fitted properly, they can prevent your baby from getting tangled up in sheets. 

If a baby is placed to sleep with a blanket they can wriggle around and dislodge them during the night, especially if not placed in the 'feet-to-foot' position.  When sized properly for your baby they prevent them from wriggling in or out of the covers.

Lullaby Stars Sleeping Bag

What Tog should I buy?

Our 2.5 Tog sleeping bags can be used in nurseries with an ambient room temperature between 16 - 20 degrees, perfect to use in Spring, Autumn & Winter, until the summer nights become warmer.