Newborn Sleep Tips

Newborn Sleep Advice

Getting a newborn to sleep can feel like solving an impossible puzzle of timing a feed, a nappy change, getting the room cool enough/dark enough etc. etc. etc. We've all been there in the middle of the night wondering why our baby has suddenly decided that it's time to wake up (the whole street along with them sometimes!)

As every baby is different, there's no fixed formula on what will work best for them.  But in our experience, these few sleep tips are the most successful when introduced to the night-time routine.

After a calming bath, mood lighting has been activated, your baby has on their pjs and you've popped them in their Moses basket or cot, here's what you need to know!Try to limit night time nappy changes

If possible, try not to disturb your little one for a night time change unless absolutely necessary. While leaving your baby in a wet nappy might seem unthinkable, if they're struggling to sleep, a sudden nappy change might be the thing to stimulate them enough to keep them up all night long!  Our Luxury Changing Mats are a great alternative to cold plastic surfaces as they're made with cosy towelling!

Use white noise or a musical mobile

A Musical Mobile or a white noise machine can help cover up noise from the rest of the house when your little one is snoozing, this is particularly beneficial during naps if you have other children running around. The soft noise can help your baby sleep through the night and provide comfort.  If you can't invest, there are loads of white noise apps on your phone, and Amazon Prime have lots of playlists that you can choose from.

Keep the room cool

By keeping your baby's room between 16-20°C you can keep them safe from overheating. A lightweight sleeping bag or light bedding is ideal for keeping your little one cool and sleeping soundly.

We hope these little tricks might help you, especially if this is something that you haven't thought about before or you're expecting your first child.  We wish you many nights of long, restful sleep!