How to Make Toddler Bath Time Easier

Bath time should be a fun and easy part of your daily routine, and shouldn't be something that causes stress to you or your toddler every day. 

Picture this; it's getting dark outside, you're clearing up the plates from dinner and it's almost time to get your little one into the bath tub. If this is something that fills you up with dread, keep reading to find out some simple tips and tricks that will make bath time with your toddler a breeze! 

Tikiri bath toys Clair de Lune

The Right Towel/Robe Matters!

Little ones can grow attached to certain blankets, toys and even towels or dressing gowns. Having the right dressing gown or towel laid out and ready for your little one to jump straight into after bath time can make things all run a lot smoother.

For babies, take a look at our NEW Komfies Poncho - featuring super absorbent terry towelling, and an integrated hood which can be slipped over your baby's head with ease and helps with no-fuss hair drying.

For toddlers, we've got some extra-special Komfies Dressing Gowns, featuring new colours and designs, integrated hoods and super soft fleece to keep them cosy and warm and ready for bed time.

Make it fun!

Bubbles and splashing is fun, but why not add some toys to your bath time routine to make it even more exciting for your little one?

Our Tikiri Bath Toys are great for bath time and even better for the environment. The 100% organic rubber is kind and gentle, as well as being completely plastic free. Made for every day teething, the waterproof toys make great bath time companions for your little one, and are sure to make play time more fun! 

Bath paints are another great way of encouraging a bit of creativity - they are usually made using gentle substances, and will wipe away easily with a bit of water. 

Make sure you try to switch up the toys in your bath tub often so that your toddler doesn't get bored of always using the same ones.


Don't stress

Your toddler will sense your fear when it comes to bath time. If you display signs of feeling stressed out, they will most likely respond with misbehaviour and tantrums. Splashing is part of the fun, and a bit of water can be easily dried with a towel - try not to get too worked up by a bit of mess.

Equally, don't try to force a long, fun bath time if your toddler isn't in the mood. Let them lead the dance with it - if they are enjoying themselves let them stay in a little longer, and if they are tired then get them out and tucked up in bed as quick as you can.

Another great tip is not to leave the cleaning until the end. Start with the scrubbing and then let your toddler enjoy the rest of their bath time in peace if hair washing is something that usually ruins a good bath!

Lullaby Hearts Hooded towel

Plan ahead

Try to be organised when it comes to bath time. Setting the right environment for your toddler can make a huge difference! Try to make sure that the room isn't too cold and that the bath is just right before you let your little one in, otherwise they will get impatient and uncomfortable waiting. 

It's also important to make sure that you have a dry towel, nappy and clean clothes ready to go for when they finish. This way they won't be sat about getting cold and feeling ignored by you, and you can snuggle up with them and settle them down much faster.


Why not check out some of our full collection of bath time essentials today!


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