75% off the All-Weather Pushchair Umbrella

We never know what the weather is going to do... will it rain, will there be snow or even a bit of sunshine?  Well, whatever the weather you can protect your baby with our Universal Waterproof Pushchair Umbrella!  

At only £3.75 it's a bargain to keep your bub dry!

If you're heading out in the sunshine we have lots of accessories to help you on your way such as Changing Bags from £14.99 and Roly Poly Travel & Change Mats from £17.99.


Clair de Lune Waterproof Pushchair Umbrella


You'll be well equipped on those unpredictable winter days with this universal parasol, providing protection from snow & rain and shading them from the bright sun.

Suitable for use with most strollers, pushchairs and prams, simply attach the parasol to the F-clamp using the 'click clip' and attach to the pram.

Also, features a flexible section that allows you to bend the parasol for easy angle adjustment.

You and your little one can enjoy a stroll outdoors without having to worry about what the weather is going to do!


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