Surviving Your Baby's First Winter

When you have a newborn, it's easy to feel a little bit cooped in during the winter - especially with the days getting shorter and colder. But it's extremely important that you and your little one step outside often for some fresh air every now and then to help acclimatise to the real world!

We've put together some quick tips and tricks on how you can survive your baby's first winter this year. 

Layer up

Similar to when your baby is asleep at night, you should always dress your little one in an extra layer when you go out in the cold. If you feel comfortably warm in a jumper and jacket, you should consider adding an extra layer and blanket for your baby. This is because young children lack the ability to retain body heat, and cannot warm themselves up as well as adults do once they get cold.

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Try adding leggings and a long sleeve top under a jumper and snowsuit, plus always pack a blanket in case they start to get really cold - you can always remove layers but you'll regret not bringing them if they get cold! Don't forget to always pop on a hat and mittens to keep their head and hands warm, as this is where a lot of body heat is often lost.

Remove the coat in the car

It's tempting to keep on your little one's coat and simply loosen the straps when belting them up in the car, however this isn't the safest thing to do! In the (hopefully unlikely) event of a crash, their coat may compress leaving a huge gap between them and the straps. So, while it may seem like an annoying extra step, it's important that you do this in order to keep your little one extra safe. You can then add a blanket or tuck their coat over them once you've got them safely strapped in.

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Maintain a safe indoor temperature

Whilst it's tempting to blast the temperature right up when it's cold outside, this can be equally as damaging for your little one's health. Heating up your house too much can cause the air to become too dry, damaging their extremely delicate skin. Try to keep an eye on their skin and don't be shy about applying extra moisturiser if they start to dry out more than usual.

If you have any worries about skin issues that don't seem to be going away, get in touch with a professional for some advice.

Be extra observant

Keep your eye on any warning signs that your baby might show. If their hands become too cold or they begin to shiver, take them indoors immediately, and slowly warm them up by tucking them under a blanket with a warm milk. Don't rub the cold area to warm it up as this could cause further damage to their skin. 

So, don't let the cold overwhelm you or scare you from leaving your house. Just remember that preparation is key, layering up is smart and keeping an eye on your little one is crucial to keeping them happy!


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